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• Works closely with Elizabeth and James on each and every file.
• Prepares HUD-1 settlement statements, Lender's package, and all other necessary closing documents for the closing in a timely manner.
• Stays in close communication with Lenders and all parties involved in the transaction.
• Answers any and all questions regarding the HUD-1 settlement statement and the closing process.
• Handles the financial disbursements after closing.
• Prepares packages for Lenders after closing in a timely and efficient manner.


As Elizabeth's pre-closer, the inception of each file for every transaction begins at my desk. I ensure a thorough title search for each property is ordered and most importantly clear each and every title issue that the report discloses.

In addition to working with title examiners, I also work with county tax commissioners and assessors to make sure the property taxes are current and gather data that helps us have a clear understanding of each piece of real estate.

I also coordinate obtaining surveys when needed and work with other vendors including home owner's insurance agents, termite companies, utilities for each county in georgia and home warranty companies.
the most rewarding part of my job is working closely with buyers, sellers, borrowers, real estate agents and mortgage companies, as they all make each transaction both unique and challenging.

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